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Amway Vietnam

Amway Corporation was founded in Ada, Michigan, U.S.A. in 1959 by Richard M. DeVos and Jay Van Andel with the vision of “Helping people live better lives”. 

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Why Amway Vietnam?

Amway is a family-owned business founded by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos in 1959. These lifelong friends and business partners wanted a business of their own because they believed owning a business provided the best path to greater personal freedom. From the start, the business has been built around entrepreneurship and helping others succeed with a business of their own. Today, Amway continues to be led by the original founding families with Steve Van Andel as Chairman and Doug DeVos as President who strive to carry on the legacy created by their fathers.

For over 50 years, we continue to build on the original values and principles established by our founders to ensure the passion for the business stays alive.

Personal opportunity and economic opportunity go hand in hand. With Amway you have the freedom to change your life by owning your own business.

We all need family to cheer us on. We are all members of the global Amway family – we respect and take care of each other to foster success.

Inspiring you to dream bigger. Amway creates an environment where hope can thrive.

Happiness is best achieved through earned success. Amway rewards what you achieve, and also what you help others achieve.

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  • HR General Assistant Intern - 1480303588
    Pros: What's a great opportunity for me start my career path with Amway Vietnam. With the professional and active working environment, 6 months internship with Amway will be definitely a remarkable time to me.
  • Talent Acquisition - HR Supervisor - 1470365782
    Pros: My company has many meanings but the greatest meaning to me is it represents the opportunity for me to grow, for me to share what I have learned, for me to plant the seed of possibilities and leave behind a "Bigger", "Better" Company then the one I chose to work for.
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